Robert Edwards

Fitness has always been at the forefront of my life since joining the RAAF in 2002. Airfield Defence guards consistently maintain a high level of fitness to function effectively in the role. This provided me the building blocks to further develop into the position of a Physical Training instructor within Defence.  In having the ability to effect people in a positive way, through training and education it has provided me with not only a great opportunity but a rewarding one.


Airfield Defence Guard in RAAF – 10 years

Tactical physical conditioning of members

Operated in small teams for Close Personal Protection and patrolling

Physical Trainer in RAAF – 2 years

Certificate III in Personal Training

Certificate IV in Personal Training

CrossFit level 1

Kickboxing / boxing – 5 years

Personal Trainer (External)

Create fitness programs for clients

One-on-one training of clients

Motivate clients to achieve their goals

Co-ordinate group classes and personal training

Kickboxing instructor group sessions