Jason Carey

For over 4 years now I have delved into many aspects of the fitness industry, training and learning in various styles; from running, boxing, boot camps, CrossFit, stretch & mobility to group fitness weights and heavy strength training.


Cert III & IV in fitness,
CrossFit LVL1 Trainer,

Group fitness has always been a love of mine, the team work, encouragement, determination and motivation expelled is always fantastic. Just over two years ago I came across the elements of CrossFit and fell in love! It was everything I had been training and more. Strength and cardio training mixed with elements of gymnastics and power lifting executed at high intensity, what an awesome way to increase and track all areas of your fitness. This along with the consistent motivating team atmosphere proves the greatness of CrossFit, everyone always works together as a community constantly pushing and supporting one another.

I have found a great passion for CrossFit and TRG, I find it so rewarding coaching all the members and watching them grow to further achieve their goals in such a fantastic atmosphere.