Dean Haynes


The easiest way to describe Dean is a preacher of his practise.

Dean has always been exposed to two sides of a coin.

He’s a country guy who moved to the city and back a couple times, he’s
exposed himself

to aesthetic based training but always loved the ability of having fitness.

He has surrounded himself in high intensity environments whilst appreciating

the prehabilitation and rehab mechanisms that support it.
He has come from commercial gyms and trained out of his shed.
With 5 years of drowning study and hours of applications,
Dean found his true purpose in life, spreading the things you learn about
yourself doing fitness.
He loves the psychological changes people experience and go through and has
the largest amount of passion for helping people be happy about themselves!
Dean’s biggest success is through having an eye for analysing movement and
improving his clients fitness capacity.
His personal ambitions involve the Crossfit Games and a continual growth in
society’s ability to become happier within themselves.


Crossfit Level 2

ASCA Strength And Conditioning

Rehab Core to Performance + Shoulders and Hips

Olympic Lifting


·         Movement analysis

·          Strength Training

·          Fitness Capacity

Dean’s one piece of advice is to train with intent.
Knowledge, technique, and improvements are all supported by the intensity
and the intention of your training.
Train to YOUR highest intensity whilst understanding what your reasoning is
behind what workout you are doing and you’ll forever improve on the aspects
you want to get better at.