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  1. IT’S ALL YOU THINK ABOUT. You find yourself staring into the abyss of 3.30PM LALA land thinking about how your workout is going to go in a few hours…. and you now hate your job. You even think about quitting your job just so you can do more CrossFit.
  2. IT’S ALL YOU TALK ABOUT. You may have lost some friends recently because all you talk about is CrossFit. Well if they can’t stand to hear about it anymore, then who cares. CrossFit is your new friend and other CrossFitters are your friends. Also Fran is your friend. Or is she?
  3. YOU HAVE MORE GYM CLOTHES THAN NORMAL CLOTHES. When you look at your wardrobe you have short, tanks, shoes, socks, wraps, sleeves and anything else that you can think of you will have in your wardrobe.
  4. YOU LOOK AT YOURSELF IN TERMS OF PERFORMANCE OVER APPEARANCE. You are learning the value of performance over appearance. You get happy when you see that your times are getting faster and that you are getting stronger. Looking better always comes as a bonus to the whole package.
  5. YOU ARE MORE HAPPY THAN YOU WERE 3 MONTHS AGO. We work on progression and your levels of happiness and confidence which is why you keep coming back for more. The friendships and experiences are all part of that. You are addicted to CrossFit because you are a new person. A better person and there is no way you are turning back to the old you.

Written by Winston Coxon